Barbers & Beer Company was born when the couple managed to fulfill their long-term dream of a concept that combines quality small brewery beers with a classic gentleman’s barber.
The goal was to create a place for men to relax and get their hair & beard sharp in a good atmosphere.

We wanted to bring the barbershop culture where you can meet friends, have a tasty beer and chat with each other. Where you can enjoy and relax during your barbershop visit.

From her own forests in Southern Ostrobothnia, Marianna brought trees to decorate the walls of the Jätkä shop, to bring a piece of calming feeling and a unique look. In December, a more colorful shop with a larger beer room was opened in Kallio for Aku's birth hoods. We brought old skateboard decks to decorate the shop.

We have a professional team, three unique shops and most importantly, of course, great customers.

Welcome to us to arrange a private party, relax,
get a haircut or just for a beer!