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Barbers & Beer

Barbers & Beer Company was born, when Marianna & Aku fulfilled their long-term dream of a concept that combines high-quality microbrewery beers and a classic gentlemen's barber shop. The goal was to create a place for men to relax and get a hair or beard done in a leisured surroundings. A gentlemen's salon with a relaxed atmosphere where you can meet friends, have tasty beers or even arrange a customer event.

In February 2020, the first Barbers & Beer Company shop was opened in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. From her own forests in South Ostrobothnia, Marianna brought timber and planks to decorate the walls of Jätkä's shop, to bring a piece of calming feeling and a unique look. 

In December of the same year, a more urban store with a bigger bar section opened in Kallio, located in Aku's birth hoods. To epitomize the place’s urban environment, we used Aku’s old skateboard decks to decorate the place.

On November 1st 2022, Barbers & Beer Company's first franchise shop was opened in Leppävaara, Espoo. Our barber Jetta, who worked earlier in Jätkä, started to run Lepuski. The Prohibition theme was chosen as the theme of Lepuski.

Barbers & Beer Company no. 4 will open on January 2nd 2024, when Barbers & Beer Company is conquering also Vantaa, starting from Tikkurila. 

We have surrounded ourselves with a professional and brilliant team, unique shops and most importantly – of course – great customers.

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