Our barber talent Samu works his barber magic with great passion and is precise in his work.

The bravures are definitely beard shaping & styling, tight fades and cool mullets!

Favourite beer: Hazy Pale Ale
Samu serves in Finnish & English.

Löydät Samun Kallion liikkeestämme, tervetuloa!

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Say hello to Liam! Our british barber talent who has specialities in afro hair, skinfade, longer styles..u name it!

Liam is a chatty guy with a pro barber attitude.

Favourite beer: BBC Mustikka
Liam speaks: english & finnish (improving all the time)

Liamin löydät meidän Kallion liikkeestämme.

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Here is Tea. Cheery and work-ready backup from Joensuu.

Here is Tea. Cheery and work-ready backup from Joensuu. Tea’s specialities are definitely casual hairstyles from short to long, spiced with a great casual service attitude, of course.

Favorite beer: Pink Guava New England Ipa
Serves you in: Finnish, English & Savo.

You can find Tea in Jätkä, Welcome!


Rosa is our multi-talent from Kallio shop. She has a genuine customer service and excellent beer knowledge.

Rosa's strengths include skinfades & classic models as well as shaving.

Favorite beer: Hiisipanimo Itse
You can get service from Rosa in Finnish & English

You can find Rosa in our Kallio store.

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Say hello to Pete!

A friendly family guy whose specialty in barbering is fades of all sorts and most short hair styles in general. Pete also enjoys shaping and styling full beards.

Favourite beer: Rosie Hue by ETKO
Pete is a native English speaker but can also speak some Finnish

You can find Pete in our Kallio shop.

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Barbers & Beer Company Lepuskin Franchising-yrittäjä. Sosiaalinen ja puhelias parturitaituri!

Jetta likes to challenge herself so model changes and more special cuts are among the strengths.

Favorite beer: BBC Vattu
Language skills: Finnish, English

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Tiina joined the Barbers & Beer Company over a year ago. She has work experience in the field up to 15 years and customer service is always guaranteed!

Tiina works part-time (while studying to be a hemuli aka botanist), so she is working mostly during the weekends.

Specialities include skinfades (especially low fade) as well as men’s long hairstyles.

Favorite beer: Fiskars Brewery Kuusenkerkkä-Ale
Tiina serves in Finnish, English and Oulu!

Tiinan löydät Jätkän liikkeestämme työskentelemästä osa-aikaisesti, tervetuloa!


Our barber talent Ella is calm and precise in her work.
Favorite hairstyles are half-length models and skin fades & beard trims. But there is not a style she can’t make look good!
Favorite beer: Coolhead Salted Licorice Raspberry
Ella speaks Finnish and english
Ella työskentelee osa-aikaisesti Kallion liikkeessämme!


Marianna is the owner of Barbers & Beer Company, “Big Boss Lady” and barber.

A barber with professional skills with more than ten years of experience.

The other visionary of the company and a new beer lover.

Favorite drink: Stadin Panimo Incredible Pale Ale


The other owner of Barbers & Beer Company, the general secretary of beer, “Jack of all trades” and also supplies the role of bartender.

 Also handles everything related to events, so if you would like to have a private event in our shop, please contact Aku!

Favorite drink: Jallu


Frank “the Boss” is a Barbers & Beer Company's quality controller and porter in both Kallio and Jätkäsaari.

Frank’s specialities include sniffing shoes and going through backpacks / shopping bags.

He is not really into beer, unless there is a beer with sausage in it!. Frank is everyones friend but for other male dogs Frank will show who’s the boss. (boys and ego).

Frank doesn't have his own appointment yet, but you can find him most often on duty in both Kallio and Jätkä.